*GHETTOLAND is the latest album from American recording artist JIMMY.
You've been invited to join the journey on his mission to become the next breakout artist of the year.Let's catch you up to speed.







Based in Los Angeles, American recording-artist & producer JIMMY (formerly Jimmy Luna) is a jack-of-all-trades visionary. After releasing several projects of his own in high school from his bedroom, in 2018 he led PRISM TRIBE (an alternative hip hop art collective he founded) through their first collective release PTWW$$EW Vol. I and went on to release the WELCOME TO DARKNESS trilogy— three EPs released in the span of four months in 2019. Since then, he has worked diligently with PRISM TRIBE, leading to their latest offerings DOG DAYS (2020) & THE FOUR HORSEMEN EP (2021). JIMMY then ushered in the next chapter of his evolution in 2021 with the release of his latest full-length album, GNARLY. Following that release, he shared a string of promotional singles & mixtapes. He has now shared his latest offering *GHETTOLAND.

The Story of JIMMY

A series of videos explaining some of the most important narratives surrounding JIMMY. To stream his music & watch more videos, links can be found above.

The Mission

"I've invited you because as far as 'the music industry' goes, I have three goals right now. One is to release the best album of the year. The second is to become the next breakout artist of the year. When I say this, think of how kids reacted when Odd Future first broke out. If you're a little older, think Michael Jackson's Thriller era. I want to be the kind of genre-bending, generation-defining renaissance man that Kanye West is now without all the antics & moral questionability. Someone who is creatively talented enough to effectively cater to the appetites of the mainstream & the underground/alternative. And is 100% for the people.
My third goal is to create a new music business built on talent & merit rather than numbers & nepotism. I envision a near-future where kids from the ghetto have a true equal chance at living off of what they create as the kids from the suburbs have. Meaning once we achieve new heights, I would like to lead the revolution towards an updated 'machine' that benefits the creators, their support and the consumers with the execs as an afterthought, rather than the other way around. I passionately believe this to be the future.
These are very ambitious goals so I need people who are just as hungry to tackle difficult tasks as I am. I need people who are ready to usher in a new era of creativity we've yet to see who are also tired of hearing about the same 10 artists everyday. I need people just as sick of this time as I am. If this all sounds like something you'd wish to see happen in the world, you're who I need on this project. Consider yourself not only a part of a community, but a part of a solution.
Thank you for checking me out, I appreciate it heavy.Hope to work with you soon."—JIMMY